An MSA reprieve!

Well, temporarily at least… things changed a little with last month’s news that the owners of Buckmore Park had decided to close BPKC and dedicate the track to the much more profitable corporate karting. It wasn’t a complete surprise. Entry numbers had been down for some time which was also not surprising considering that MSA race weekends weren’t actually dedicated to MSA racing; I had never seen racing finish at 3pm on a Sunday and the corporate karts roll out onto track before as witnessed on our own visit in April. It did make me wonder why we hadn’t been given more track time and, assuming this was a regular occurrence, what the locals made of it. It was never something that would encourage drivers to the track. It is very sad for the people behind the club who had been very welcoming towards us when we visited on the opening round of the ill-fated Southern Tour. It meant the final two club rounds of the year presented us with a final opportunity to race at the track.

A poll on the TKM group suggested there was a healthy appetite to visit in December. More fool me for believing it but we will have a reasonable grid of 8-10 drivers for this coming weekend. The numbers aren’t actually that important – we just want to visit our favourite track for one final time and, if we can finish three heats and a final, that would be a bonus!

Preparing the kart in the freezing temperatures yesterday did make me wonder what the hell I was thinking when I put our entry in! Hopefully we’ll have a little more luck than the people that trekked to Kimbolton for Saturday practice before getting sent home ahead the snow. It’s been a long time since we did any winter racing and I had forgotten what it felt like trying to tighten things when you cannot feel your fingers. Hopefully the weather is obliging 🙂

Carb Clinic – Only possible when Mrs KD is not home (and even then she started moaning about the smell as soon as she set foot in the house!)

Today was the last time I would be having to sift through tyres to find something that we can a) race on and b) practice on. Next year I won’t have to swap slicks at all – we’ll have one practice set and one race set. Have I already mentioned that our tyre budget for next year will be £260? 😉

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