Going in undercooked

It’s been a while since we last hit the track. In fact, Junior has sat in the kart exactly twice since our disastrous TKM Festival in August. The plan had been to get out and test the new tyre in plenty of time for the NKC season opener at Whilton Mill this weekend but the weather and Junior’s need to give his boss two week’s notice for any time off of his weekend job (which, considering he’s on a zero hours contract, seems a little ironic) wiped out our chances of getting in some seat time. Not the ideal planning for our venture into non-MSA racing or the harder tyre that will likely take some getting used to. And then there is the engine to run-in. How would you like your steak, Sir? I’ll have mine undercooked!

Personally, I’ve been itching to get back to the track for a month now. Buckmore aside, I’ve had a lengthy spell away but I’ve done all the prep work: new axle, new nuts/bolts/washers, new steering wheel, new bearings, new pipework, new nassau and spent a small fortune on the necessities that will ensure ensure that we can stand on our own two (four?) feet without our friends to rely upon for things like lighting – ’tis true, I’ve never owned lights or a power source! In my defence, we didn’t really ever stay over at the track until last season (ok, that’s not much of a defence).

I still have no idea what to expect from this season; a season without my buddies, whether we will be too ‘MSA’ for the NKC, whether Junior will enjoy the harder tyre that I’ve always craved, what it will be like touring the country with the Bambino Kart Club. I’ve high hopes of low-stress, highly enjoyable weekends. It has to be better than last year, surely!?!

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