End of first year accounts!

Ok, so when I posted my predicted costs at the start of the year, I had reckoned on this costing around £3,200 based on ten practice days and no racing. A full season of racing would have cost £4,600. Going back through my posts, I noticed a few costs had been missed so with two sets of used wets, a set of used slicks, a carb rebuild and a few miscellaneous items thrown in, the grand total for the 2013 spend (12 practice days, one aborted practice, 3 race weekends and a race Sunday) was £4,594!!!

It broke down something like this:

Retirement package (chassis, engine, new slicks, used slicks/wets, trolley, Mychron 4, remote starter, transponder, kart cover, rib protector, spares package – carbs, pods, bumper, seat, fuel tank, nassau, floor tray, track rods, stub axles, exhaust, axles, sprockets, chains, nuts/bolts/spacers etc, chain lube/brake cleaner): £1095
Trailer/Tow bar/lid: £490
Helmet/shield protector: £345
Tools (tyre tools, file, hex keys, socket wrenches, spark spanner, tyre spanner, sprocket puller): £133
Clay Pigeon Loyalty card: £40
Practice Days (12): £385
Race weekends (4): £233
Petrol for car: £273
Petrol for kart: £126
Stuff (pedal extenders, cargo net, ActionCam, lead, half share in awning, waterproofs for mechanic): £192
Consumables (pulse pipe, fuel pipe, tank filter, funnel filters, cable ties, lubes, cleaners, chain guard, sprockets, chains, break fluid/seals, engine mount/clamps, hose clips, screws, bolts): £277
Repairs (chassis weld, engine, steering wheel, spark plug, cap, ignition lead): £213
Rebuild (1 engine + 3 carbs): £250
ARKS starter/test/parent license: £152
Used slicks x5: £190
Used wets x2: £100
Used SE rims: £100

A really obsessed blogger would link the above costs to the relevant articles but I am above all of that 😉 So what do you get for such an investment? 103 laps of Dunkeswell, 96 laps of Llandow (which always comes out as Lladnow when I type it) and 1,692 laps of Clay!!! Not to mention *a lot* less sleep, the onset of greyness, some crushing lows, some amazing highs, an awful lot of fun and some experiences with your lad that you’ll never forget 🙂

Have a great Christmas!

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