Farewell first set of nearly-new slicks!

They have been on the kart since we bought it and subsequently done 408 laps (or 241 miles!) but the time has come to bid farewell to our first set of nearly new slicks. Ironically Junior set his PB around Clay in his final session using them but there is no time for sentiment 😉 I have replaced them with another set of nearly new slicks that I bought for £30 from one of the forums 🙂 Removing the tyres from their rims was a smoother process than putting the new ones on – especially the rears. I think I could claim credit for maybe 1.75 of the 4 tyres so definitely more practice required. Not sure my office fingers are up to the job!

Whilst I was doing ‘kart stuff’, I completed the addition of the weight to the seat so we are almost good to go on Saturday (I have some good friends offering to help me with the push starting if the toe is problematic). I am really looking forward to seeing how Junior fares in the kart at his racing weight. Not so much looking forward to lifting the kart onto the trolley with him – he really struggled before we added 7kg…

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