Off to Kartmania

I wasn’t initially planning on going (I don’t have any money to buy anything!) but, having lovingly created a custom suit design, the risk of my measurements being wrong and wasting a lot of money on a Christmas present (Mum’s the word 😉 ) that Junior cannot get into is too great – I have to go to Silverstone to see the MH Racewear people. The order is already sat in a queue at a factory somewhere in Pakistan (where it will still be next week) so this is just a precautionary confirmation measure-up in case we need to change any of the measurements. I was reluctant to drive all that way for such a short appointment but Kartmania gives us more reason to go, even if we shan’t be coming home with a van-load of new toys.

I’ll be the ginger bloke there – feel free to say hello if you see me 😉

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