A *massive* weekend

Tomorrow sees Junior’s first race since his pace-setting if short-lived heat in April where he suddenly found some proper pace. Not only is it the June club round but the Welsh Championships no less! Llandow has a special ‘C’ plate up for grabs, one of the handful of ABKC recognised plates available. It adds a little something extra to the meeting, especially with racing taking place over two days and it will be only our second time we’ve had to qualify, something we weren’t too great at on our onyl other effort at Clay’s charity meeting last year!

I wanted to get our eye in early so picked Junior up straight after his penultimate GCSE exam this morning (Friday) and headed to the track. We arrived and pitched up a little further from our pit buddies than usual but it was good to get the awning set up nice and early. Initial practice was hit and miss, we combined our ‘installation’ laps with scrubbing in the race tyres although Junior decided he didn’t like his leaking fuel tank lid and came in after only two laps. Consider the race tyres partially scrubbed in! I wasn’t happy with the burning smell emitting from the engine thanks to not priming the carb!?! Who forgets to prime carbs after all this time??? It was a new one on me and I blame Junior for rushing me 😉 Checking inside the engine meant missing the next session and then we had an enforced break as the track had some corporate karts running. We finally got down to business at around 3pm and spent the next three hours trying to find the half second that we were down compared to the front runners. It’s fair to say that I am expecting us to be in the pack tomorrow but this deficit was a little disappointing and Junior didn’t look to be running the most fantastic lines I’ve ever seen. This confirmed that we probably won’t be instantly returning to the head of the pack although, unusually for us, we actually got to test some stuff: axles and sprockets which found us a couple of the missing tenths. I think that running in the pack may help curb some of the corner entries as he seemed to be back to trying to carry too much speed again. At least his brakes are still holding up.

It’s going to be a bit of an early start tomorrow, not helped by my not realising that we’d be scrutineering at 8am. See you on Sunday evening 🙂

Cost of day: Practice fee £20, petrol £12, fuel £6
Spent since last post: New axle £60, new sprocket carrier £25, new sprocket £14, replacement chainguard fixings £8, new grub screws £6, new engine mount bolts £3

Total spent this year: £2,322

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