The awning conundrum We really should be trying to channel funds towards a new chassis but, after our not-so-trusty awning gave into the elements at Clay Pigeon, I’m having to re-assess the priorities. We’ve signed up for the winter series at Clay Pigeon IKR, we’re absolutely going to need an awning! I’ve seen plenty of awnings give up the ghost since we started karting so I know that I’m going to have to invest in a decent one. The range of options isn’t great since the awning will need to fit in the back of the Clio! I think I’ll be looking at the compact version of the heavy duty awnings that some of the companies sell. Surf & Turf, LPTent, Gala Tent and Gazeboshop are all on the short-list so, if you wonderful folk have any experiences (positive or otherwise) to share, I’d appreciate hearing them!

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