And then there are the times when you just want to scream

Having prepared the kart earlier in the week, I wasn’t really planning to spend much more time on it before we take it to the track on Saturday. I needed to drill a small hole in the nassau that could be used to secure the ActionPro but the rest of it was done but with the hot weather almost guaranteeing grip I decided to lower the chassis. This is a bit of a pain as my sprocket carrier *really* likes my axle – you could say they are pretty much inseparable based on the only time I have removed the axle. I wasn’t looking forward to this and rightly so as it turned out – it took over an hour of hammer ‘tapping’, rotating and lubricating to get the sprocket carrier off (it wasn’t helping that the sprocket guard was cushioning my efforts). It was getting dark when I was putting the back end back together and it was only when the wheels were back on and I went to fit the chainguard that I realised that I had not fitted the chainguard mount brackets…

So tonight, when I should just have been nipping out to get some super unleaded, part-loading the car, relaxing before having an early night I’ll be irritating the neighbours with an hour of constant banging whilst cursing silently and continuously.

This highs and lows, eh?

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