ARKS race license application

Even though our last session was curtailed somewhat early, it was noticeable that the track at Clay was very busy and the licensed and non-licensed drivers were split up fairly quickly. The licensed group had four drivers; the non-licensed group had twelve drivers. It made me start to think about getting the ARKS license sooner rather than later – I still don’t plan to race this side of the summer vacation but it will give us some more options (in terms of where and when we can practice) and might put Junior in a smaller group when he is out on track.

The MSA certainly aren’t going out of their way to encourage new blood into the sport! £50 for a DVD, a couple of handbooks and the all-important application form!!! I realise that there is some cost to the materials but there’s a hurdle to a lot of people straight away. The test costs £93 although at least that includes a day’s practice. Junior has been watching the DVD quite a lot, admittedly under threat of iPhone confiscation or something similar! He knows all the flags, the raceday procedures, the organisational structure and the racewear regulations. After booking in his test (for next week), it did occur to me that I hope his Mychron is configured correctly and that his lap times are what we think they are!!!

Cost of ARKS Starter Pack: £50 (funded by Junior)

Total spent so far: £2,518

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