Back from hols and ready to push on!

After aborting a planned practice at Dunkeswell at 6am on the day owing to a worsened weather forecast (should have gone), I’ve done nothing karting-related in the past couple of weeks. I enjoyed a week in the sun and the kart had remained untouched until this week when I decided to test my carbs with my ‘new’ popoff tester. I discovered that the carb on the kart was doing a poor job of holding pressure (popping at 11psi and slowly sinking to around 3psi) and that the carb we had run on for most of the year until I ruined the fuel inlet screen was a much healthier looking carb once I had replaced said ruined screen (popping at 10psi and holding at 6psi). I am wondering if this could have been a factor in our poor showing last time out given not a lot else had changed on the kart. Anyway…

I think I needed the time off to be honest and I plan to have a bit of a push to see if we can find some consistent speed with a view to the October round of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club  championship 🙂 We’ll hopefully be attending on consecutive weekends and, if we can get back to a point where we are around a second off the pace, then we’ll go for it next month.

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