Changing tyres ain’t easy!

This week I bought a bead breaker, a tyre removal tool and some tyre paste as I wanted to get some fresher rubber on for this weekend and I cannot keep asking another Dad to host me whilst I use all his stuff to change tyres. There are two parts that I really struggle with: getting the tyre removal tool disc into rim (so that you can run the tool around the tyre prior to removal) and then working the tyre onto the rim. I think it’s just my general patheticness as an office boy: getting the removal tool in place is about brute force and working the tyre onto the rim seems to be all about finger strength – and I don’t really have any! Changing the wets last time wasn’t too bad but the new(er) slicks I just put on were some else entirely. Once again I can only claim credit for half the set but I’ll be on my own next time so more practice is inevitable.

Cost of tools: £25 bead breaker and removal tool, £3 tyre paste

Total spent so far: £3,227

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