What am I doing???

It’s been little over a month since I seriously started considering getting my son a kart of his own. I’ve never owned a kart before and I am about as far removed from being a mechanic as it is possible to be; to the point I gave up on my petrol hedge trimmer after two months as I didn’t like messing with the choke, the petrol and the fumes!

Since my son was deemed big enough to drive an adult arrive/drive kart around 18 months ago, I’ve been indoor karting with him – prior to that I’d karted four times in 40 years! Things have snowballed since looking to get him a free test in a ‘proper’ kart a few months back and I’ve spent a month investigating the costs, the options, trying to pick up everything I could to make an informed decision on whether to take the plunge and buy a kart. I figured this blog might actually help others in a similar position, whilst also allowing me to think out loud and maybe get some expert opinion where things get vague (I am a noob, remember!).

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