Back to Clay already?!?

Following our decision to switch to Llandow from Clay, it seems a little odd to be going back after missing *an entire round* but there is method to the madness: I had originally agreed to take Junior to the Tal-Ko TKM Practice Day at Whilton Mill on Friday (yesterday) but, after the Parents IKR Race last weekend, I hadn’t really had the time or inclination to get everything sorted. I’d also checked a map and realised how far Whilton actually is from us! It would have been twice the distance of our regular tracks and, although only 2.5 hours, everything seems longer when you’re squeezed into a Clio, driving at 50mph(-ish) 😉 with your eye on the trailer for the most part (and that’s just on a dry, sunny day!). So I came up with a plan and offered Junior the choice of practice at Whilton or the race Sunday for the final round at Clay (in addition to both days at Llandow the following weekend). We already have new slicks for this month, which would have been doing only one race and then getting packed up for the season, so they’ll be perfect for doing Clay and Llandow (but not much else thereafter) and I’d have been going to watch in any case;  the JTKM title is going right down to the wire with only seven points separating the top three drivers. I also know that I’d have spent every minute stood there asking myself why the hell we weren’t taking part! Junior opted for Clay in a nano-second. It will be good to be back in the Clay TKM fold even if this could be the last time for a while (the JTKM grid there for next season could be slim to non-existent, even without us).

So we’ll head to Clay next Sunday (I’m spending family time with the ladies on the Saturday even if the kart budget could have been stretched to include the practice day) and hopefully do a better job of keep up with the pacesetters. I spent most of today building the kart and sorting out the trailer (I find a leisurely day cleaning and setting up can be very therapeutic). I even managed to put a whole set of new slicks on all by myself 😉 Now there’s something that leaves you feeling very proud of yourself! If the picture of me, red-faced and dripping with sweat as I fight that final front tyre ever makes it onto social media, someone is going to be in trouble…

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