I’m ashamed of our kart!

After we raced at the start of December, the plan was to strip the kart, clean it and wrap it up for 6 weeks or so. Because I really don’t have the room (or the lighting) to make a proper job of this in the garage, the ability to do this depends entirely upon the weather. Factor in Christmas and a holiday period that consisted of exactly one dry day spent repairing storm damaged trees and I have to confess the kart has been untouched in over a month. Until yesterday.

The kart was dirty but I didn’t think it was wet and I didn’t expect to find quite so much rust on the axle, with spots forming on the bumper and seat supports. Worse, my expensive Panther chain was starting to rust also! With the wife working the weekend and two kids to entertain/taxi around, I wasn’t able to spend more as much time as I would have liked on it but I was able to strip the back end and clean most of it up. Wire wool and T-Cut got rid of all but the toughest rust spots on the axle; I could probably have gotten rid of the remainder had I not been working to a ‘pick up the wife from work’ deadline. To make myself feel a bit better about the neglect, I polished the chassis and bumper 🙂 Just need to do the same for the front half of the kart and change the brake fluid and we’ll be in a better position to consider karting again!

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