Irresistible Llandow offer for Senior TKM!

Ok, so I don’t normally have the time to worry about Senior TKM (although, to be fair, I don’t have the time for any other class when we are racing!) but Llandow Kart Club have a great offer for Seniors joining their November round (that’s next weekend): £60 for the entire weekend – how could any driver turn down the chance to drive such a challenging and varied track for such a pittance? 😉 If only we had a senior engine. And we wouldn’t thereafter be committed to racing with adults…

So pass up the opportunity to do whatever fun round your club is arranging for next month, when you’ll be racing with one eighth of the normal sized grid with shorter races (because it’s dark earlier) for full price and do an extra round this month 🙂 What nicer way to round off your season?




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