Our first race weekend of the season

It’s been a long time coming but I am quite excited about our first race weekend of 2014 at Clay tomorrow! Unfortunately, the grid is pretty small as a number of Juniors have made the step up to Senior Extreme this year although there are few Juniors in the pipeline so things should pick up a bit next month. It also looks like the first time Junior will have had some competition, rather than watching the pack disappear so hopefully the kart runs smoothly and Junior gets some real race experience under his belt. The mission will be to get us and the other novice, who makes his race debut and with whom we will be sharing an awning, through the weekend without too many issues. The kart has been ready pretty much all week; just had to drill a hole for the throttle spring in the new engine head as the existing one was too low and necessitated setup changes when switching between engines. Also picked up some bolts and circlips (whoever decided to put those on kart trolley wheels needs… a good talking too!) from South West Fasteners and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough 🙂

I’d really like to have the equipment to camp at the track: both on the Friday and Saturday, just to get all the non-race stuff (packing, driving, awning setup) done and dusted – I wouldn’t sleep well but I don’t usually on karting nights anyway and getting up at 6am is no fun. Given the setup we have though, this is not and likely will never be an option – I have no plans to buy a van!!!

Wish us luck for the weekend 🙂

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