The exhaust BBQ!

I have never cleaned my exhausts. To be honest, I tend to avoid any nasties that recommend the wearing of gloves/goggles, covering of skin, holding your breath etc (even Mr Muscle oven cleaner!) so I wasn’t ever really likely to go down the caustic soda route recommended by many. Consequently I hadn’t ever bothered trying to clean the exhausts – until one of my buddies told me he just put his on the BBQ! Unfortunately, I don’t have a BBQ so I sat patiently and waited for an invite to his next one 😉 I really wish I had taken a picture of the little BBQ, in the gloom, with a couple of TKM exhausts and end cans sat in it – it was one of those sights you’ll only see at the very bottom of the karting ladder :/

It’s been quite refreshing not having done a single thing on the kart for two whole weekends running! I have spent a few evenings on related stuff – the exhaust BBQ being one thing and yesterday evening was spent learning how to properly put up the awning! It’s a 6x3m awning that we (another Dad who I pit next to and I) bought from a bloke who had used it for his rally car. At £60 it was a bargain, despite the fire damage!!! Ok, it isn’t quite that bad although we will be the only ones you’ll see in a white awning with big brown marks over it! To date, we had only ever used it without sides. It turns out that we only have three sides and that we don’t have all of the side panels we’d like (it had been used 3m wide and 6m deep, we want to use it 6m wide and 3m deep) but we’ll make do (as usual).

Despite really not wanting to spend any money off-track, I’ve had to replace the axle that I only bought in March, thanks mainly to the young chap who had forgotten what the yellow flag meant 🙁 You really should be able to send the bill to people who are completely at fault for breaking your kart but there we go…

Items purchase since last post: axle £72, exhaust cradle (the old one got broken as I didn’t use any rubber dampeners after aligning it nicely) £12, fuel pipe (£6)

Total spent this year: £1,652

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