Time to rebuild the kart

Today was the last weekend day before our belated reappearance and, with the kart stripped down to just a chassis with a brake system, I had no idea how long it would take to get sorted. I needed to touch up the paintwork having had the chassis welded and then it was just a case of putting everything else back together.

There were a few hiccups along the way – the steering rod seemed to have a little resistance when turning and so I spent some time replacing it all whilst trying to find out where the resistance was coming from (steering column bush was over-tightened although one of the saftey collars was also a little tight to the bush) and then I put the first track rod below the stub axle(!). I took the opportunity to refresh most of the bolts and T-Cut the undesirable bits and the kart looked much happier for a quick polish with Carlack 68 🙂 It was nice to have the newly rebuilt engine fitted, which had been waiting for me to collect since the beginning of the year. The biggest issue I had was right at the end of the day – the throttle was not closing fully despite the pedal hitting the stop bolt with nothing else having been moved. I spent some time trying to identify what had changed but ended up just adjusting the stop bolt. Eight hours later and, with darkness falling, it was finally done. The wife wasn’t impressed with my being late in for tea but I think we are there – I always find myself wondering if I have tightened everything/put it all back together properly so I’ll give it all another check in the week. Fingers crossed the weather isn’t too bad for the coming weekend.

Items purchased since last post: replacement bolts – £18, 2x carb rebuilds and full engine rebuild – £253

Total spent this year: £645

Year 1 spend: £4,594

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