Back for a little more practice!

With Junior off of school for the Easter holidays, we took the opportunity to head back to the track for some more work on our lines. Although the sun was out it was insanely windy and, with no awning (we cannot accomodate the 6x3m awning in the Clio or the trailer – and I’m not even sure we’d have bothered trying!), we set up next to the viewing shelter to give us a tiny bit of cover. It was a quiet day on track – just us, a cadet and two bambinos initially so we shared an open track with them. Open tracks are normally great but, with the bambinos being so much slower we were finding it impossible to get any reasonable run at some quick laps.

After lunch, we had the track implement sessions so we had 15 minutes on/off through the afternoon until the younger drivers went home and then had the track to ourselves. This is the great thing about practising at Llandow – pick a day early in the week and you are likely to find it pretty quiet 🙂 Although it was hard for us to gauge our pace (there was another JTKM at the track for half the day but we always seemed to be on the opposite side of the track and I don’t really like being seen to intentionally tailing other drivers in any case), Junior did seem to be doing well. The lines were much better, much more consistent but you can never be certain if that is coming at the expense of speed through the corners. I’d take the slower, correct lines for now though! All in all, it was a really good day (bar the sunburn!): 101 laps seat time, some promise of better lines and no dramas 🙂 Hopefully we can show some improvement at the next club round.

Cost of day: £35 practice fee, £13 petrol, £9 fuel, £9 chain lube

Spent since last post: £25 new sprocket carrier, £6 new fuel hose/pulse pipe, £5 new (used) exhaust!!!

Total spent this year: £1,803.

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