Festival bound

The TKM Festival hadn’t been on the radar at all for this year. We were a) nowhere near good enough and b) away that weekend (if ever karting threatens to come between my wife and a beach, that will be when the amnesty ends!). I was wrong on both counts as it turns out; our brake-related woes are at an end and Junior actually has some decent pace… at least at his home track 🙂 As for the beach, I’d gotten the dates wrong! There were still some logistical and financing issues but they have largely been overcome. Junior has agreed to forgo the new slicks I would have purchased for this month’s championship round at Llandow to fund the Festival tyres and I’ve begrudgingly tapped into the Extreme engine/new chassis pot to fund the entry fee. WE’RE GOING TO THE FESTIVAL!!! 😀

Having only every raced at Clay, Dunkeswell and Llandow, I think it’s unlikely we’ll be troubling the scrutineers but, with most of Junior’s friends going, it should be a great weekend. I’m having to take a tent so please just let it be dry…

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