The August round at Llandow seems like a lifetime ago. Then again, so does the last time that I touched the kart (other than to shift it to allow me to paint the garage door!). The break has been good – I know that I spent two weeks on a beach but, sandwiched between race weekends and immediately before the Festival, the soothing effects were quickly lost!

My sole karting exertion has been to take over the administration of Llandow Kart Club’s Facebook page as the competition secretary recognised what a great job I’d done here and with the Formula TKM Owners Group 😉 Not being on the committee it’s a challenge to find newsworthy items in a bid to better engage with members/potential new members outside of the standard “Get your entries in” post. We’ll see if I can turn this thing around…

Oh, and we have fresh rubber for this month 😀 😀 😀

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