Looking at the data

After all of the preparation and the hectic three-day karting weekend, it’s been a case of leaving the kart well alone and enjoying free time this week. I’ve no enthusiasm to clean the kart at the moment but I did get around to downloading the Alfano data to take a look at the data logging.

I’ve said it before but the Alfano ADM BOX4-GPS really is a fantastic piece of kit. It lays all of the data out in front of you, in a single window and it’s great to see how the sessions unfolded, when the tyres came on and how we fared in the traffic against how we ran with some clear track in front of us.

ScreenShot 035The data itself is a little surprising; the rev range suggests that we might have considered a sprocket change, Junior’s fastest laps don’t look that clean in terms of the nice, smooth acceleration out of the corners that you’d expect to see. Most surprising was a string of laps that Junior put in when running with his pals in the second heat: four laps within 0.04s and a theoretical best amongst those that would have missed the track record by only 0.05s! Of course a theoretical best means very little and it goes to show the benefit of having a tow. If anybody is going to break the lap record any time soon they’ll be doing it on their way to front rather than simply driving away from the pack! It is pleasing but largely meaningless if you lack the race craft to put your kart on the podium. It’s almost as if the second phase of Junior’s karting education begins now and I can’t help but wonder if this is where the hard part begins…

Nice theoretical!

This is what we should be aiming for!

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