Getting back to this karting malarkey

It wasn’t originally intended but I’ve quite enjoyed five weeks off from karting. Junior should have contested the third round of the Clay Pigeon IKR Winter Series: the kart was ready, his entry was in and then…Junior got a bit too big for his boots and I scratched his entry!?! As soon as uttered the words “And you *won’t* be racing this weekend”, I instantly regretted it. It was a Homer “Doh!” moment as I realised what I had said and cursed myself for not taking his PS4 away for a month! He was sitting in second place in the championship and a good result might have put him in with a chance of taking the title to the final round but there we go. With the title gone and the final round clashing with the Llandow MSA practice Saturday, our IKR season will come to a premature end and those Sava harder tyres that I so wanted to try will either be sold having only been used in one heat over the two rounds that we contested (20 laps old, yours for £70!) or saved for next winter. Before you get the wrong idea, I should add that I cannot remember the last time I felt the need to punish Junior: he is a *very* good lad, certainly the most conscientious I’ve ever met but parents must set their own tolerance levels and I guess mine are pretty low! I still reckon I’m a great dad 😉 Moving on…

Considering we’ve not seen any track action, 2016 is already off to a very expensive start: Both our motors have had rebuilds; the race engine rebuild was scheduled, the practice motor rebuild wasn’t. We’ll probably need a new set of slicks to start the season too :/

The kart finally got some attention at the weekend. With the chassis now turning 7 years old :/ it isn’t looking its best (never spray a kart and not give a coat of lacquer!). We’ll start the season on it and see what we can do with a view to getting something newer. It’s all set for a half-term outing when we’ll run in the engines and set ourselves up for Round #1 at Llandow.

Total spent this year: TBC.

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