The countdown to Super One

The goal was a simple one: “Prepare the kart for the Super One weekend. You’ve got all day”. Is it just me or does kart prep always take longer than you think? Stripping and cleaning the kart was easy enough and revealed a loose brake pedal bolt in the process! Trimming the previous owner’s custom carbon/kevlar floor tray (one of the few original parts from our retirement package that is left on the kart) so that the front of the floor tray sits on top and not benath the chassis tabs (something I’d been meaning to do since we got the new chassis) took several hours of messing about with me mostly trying not to trim too much off. It wasn’t easily sanded down funnily enough. Even then I ended up enlarging the tray bolt holes slightly because I’d had enough! The new disc carrier was put on the wrong way around but not spotted until after I’d locktite-ed the grub screws :S Welcome to my world. At least this was the time to be wasting time rather than a race day. Almost everything had been cleaned, lubed, bled and fastened. I called it a day at tea time although there were still a few things left to do. I would like to get the engines checked over to ensure the head volumes are good just to be on the safe side (in the hope that we might do well enough to be spending some time in the scrutineering bay this weekend). We’ve normally got a fair bit of leeway so I wouldn’t envisage any problems but now isn’t the time to leave anything to chance!


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