The thing about wet practice…

We were, we weren’t, we were, we weren’t… practice at Llandow on Saturday was in the balance up until late Friday evening: We had to bed in and test the new pads and disc before Our Big Super One Weekend in two weeks time. Whilst we could do that in the wet Junior wouldn’t really get the chance to get a proper feel for them. On top of that, I’d bought a used caliper support bracket that had been heli-coiled and wouldn’t fit flush with the thread in my bearing hanger! Drilling out the hanger thread at 10pm instead of being packed and sat on the sofa with my cocoa wasn’t really what I had in mind but no matter… the kart was eventually completed, the forecast wasn’t too bad (in the morning at least) so we would practice 🙂

We arrived early and were able to secure our regular garage space (even though we only pay for its rental at club race weekends) – thanks to the kindly bunch at South Wales Karting Centre 🙂 The track was wet but it didn’t really matter for our bedding-in laps. Having been putting off the purchase of any new wets for several months pending Super One (when we would have no choice but to purchase new tyres), our best wets were now well past their best. The rain was intermittent and the track varied from fairly wet to approaching slicks. Despite having raced there for 18 months, Junior hasn’t really had that much wet time; he was slower than he would have liked in the wetter conditions but that’s the thing about wet practice: Sure you can go out and hone your skills on tyres that aren’t up to the job but it doesn’t really do anything for your ability to find the limit come race day. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Super One see’s the track basked in glorious sunshine when it visits next month. Junior’s pace in drying conditions is much stronger; we’ve a nice setup for those just-about-inters conditions and he was enjoying trying to stay clear of his mate on an Extreme as the clouds gathered again mid-afternoon. With the Heavens open once again and our tyres nicely on their way to becoming slicks, we called it a day. Although we still hadn’t really got as much brake testing done as we would have liked, the brake did look very strong. We won’t really find out more until Super One practice!

Nice tread!

Nice tread!

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