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I’ll point out at the outset that I haven’t started buying my sprockets from Tesco! This has been an expensive month and the realisation that we needed much more wet practice (I still cannot believe this hadn’t dawned on me sooner) meant the expenses for October weren’t finished.

Most importantly I needed waterproof clothing – the Weise motorcycle jacket ordered from a vendor on eBay arrived one day after ordering and fits very nicely thank-you. Hopefully the trousers will arrive soon also. Secondly, I have ordered a used OTK engine mount to replace my mount which does not appear correctly align with the engine – not much flexibility there in terms of retailers (eBay again) but, when it came to the perishables (restocking on replacement bolts and getting another set of mechanics gloves), I started looking for opportunities to save some money. I spent an hour or so scouring everyone’s favourite auction site looking for some of the things that aren’t specific to motorsport and therefore can be bought without paying the ‘motorsport tax’ (ok, so it’s not a tax – more of a premium). Prices vary but I saved a few quid – 30% on mechanics gloves, 20% on high tensile bolts. Shame they were low cost items but it all helps, right?

Purchases: £20 Weise Waterford motorcycle jacket, £20 IXON motorcycle trousers,  £39 OTK engine mount drilled for TKM, £4 Maxiflex Ultimate gloves, £5 20x high tensile M6 45mm bolts (for sprocket carrier), £3 20x M10 high tensile screw bolts 40mm, £3 20x M10 high tensile screw bolts 45mm (for chassis/bearing carriers)

Total spent so far: £3,825

2 thoughts on “Every little helps

  1. Hi again,

    I just wanted to let you know about how to get cheaper nuts and bolts.

    I couldn’t believe how much some people are charging for them on eBay and the like, but if you type in “fixings & fastenings” into yell.com you should find shops that sell them a whole lot less.

    I’m from the Black Country and there are loads of places selling fasteners that use to be local to me at very low prices. The only thing you have to make sure of is that they sell to the public as some only sell to trade, but a quick call will clear things up. Most of the shops are very helpful to.

    I’ve moved down south now and I use a shop called Orbital Fasteners just outside of Watford. Check out their website to see how cheap nuts and bolts really are!

    Regards your ignition I would strongly advise to use a braided style earth strap. This to can be found in other motor vehicle or motor bike shops cheaper. The braided strap is a lot more durable and less prone to breaking.

    Hope all is going well with todays race meeting.

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