Race weekend 2 booked!

We were planning on heading to Clay in search of some wet weather sometime over the next two weeks but I have been swayed into entering us into the Dunkeswell Kart Club‘s October championship round!!! Dunks have a novices offer on – free practice on Saturday and Sunday’s race fee is discounted to members rates. One might argue we should be focusing on Clay and I did consider this but, in the end, the chance for more race experience with the same chance of encountering wet weather and at Junior’s favourite track swayed the decision. It’s a shame that the Junior TKM grid numbers only two but hopefully we’ll be somewhere around the pace of Mini Max’s so we can make the most of the race experience.Our Junior TKM rival will be my good friend and karting advisor and his lad so it will be interesting! We won’t be near their pace so I am hoping that the old addage about ‘the advice being free until you start competing’ (with the emphasis on competing) doesn’t necessarily apply – I’ll let you know on that one 😉

Now I need to find some time to prep the kart – it is pretty much together but I’ll need to set the kart up based on the Friday forecast. Looking forward to it 🙂

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