There is no such thing as a sympathetic weld

I was perhaps naively hoping that a small, discreet crack could have a small, discreet weld. Some hope! I should have taken a photo but was in a bit of a rush to get the kart reassembled for Saturday so I rubbed down the blistered paint around the weld, touched it up with a hastily borrowed pot of Tonykart paint and then put the kart back together.

Nothing ever goes smoothly and yesterday’s challenge was the front bumper bars – the upper bar clips were too loose and, after not an insignificant amount of headscratching and wondering what the Hell I had done, out came Junior and suggested I put the bumper on! That pushed the bumper bars apart and all was well. Remember – I am making myself look stupid so you don’t have to…

Cost of repair: weld £10, paint pot £6

Total spent so far: £2,294

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