Time to weld that crack

It’s been a while since my last post; a week preparing for a vacation followed by a less-than-relaxing but very enjoyable two week family holiday. Now it’s back to business! We are planning to practice this Saturday and I need to get the crack welded beforehand as we are hopefully approaching the stage where a) I can keep the kart running without it losing wheels :S and b) Junior will start to push the kart and attack the track a little. I had a huge list of things to do in the garden at the weekend with only an hour or two pencilled in to get the front end of the kart stripped in preparation for welding – after all it is only a case of undoing a few nuts to remove the nassau, bumper and floor tray, right?

It was quite straightforward until I got to the bumper bar! First problems came when I found that two bolts were threaded – the first was the lower of the nose centre clamp bolts, the second on the lower nassau support bracket. A new 4mm metal drill bit was the answer to those particular challenges. The biggest issue came when the lower front bumper bar refused to move on the one side. I was aware that the kart had been involved in an accident prior to buying it and thought that the crack was the only issue resulting from that but it appears the bumper bar has been ever-so-slightly bent also – sufficiently enough cause it to have become wedged on one side of the chassis. In the end I needed the help of another noob Dad (thanks, Nick!) and his portable blow torch that enabled us to heat the bar and knock the hitherto fixed bumper bar free.

With most of the afternoon gone, I decided to make the most of the lack of floor tray and clean the underside of the chassis that is not normally accessible. My tip of the day is Elbow Grease General Purpose Degreaser – it was recommended by a former kart man and I cannot fault it, especially if you can find it in Poundland for a quid!!!

Still a little annoyed I didn’t see this before handing over the readies:

Chassis crack :(

My nice, clean chassis complete with top-of-the-range carb/engine cover:

Clean chassis :)

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