IKR Parent’s Race at Clay

Who’d have thought we’d be racing IKR so soon!?! Ok, so it isn’t quite as it seems but Junior and I will be in attendance at the next Clay Pigeon IKR round in a few week’s time although, this time, the roles will be reversed: I’ll be driving and Junior will be pushing (and he’s already trying to weasel out of it). The Clay IKR boys have been trying a few different things to drum up interest with their fixed, harder tyre that has to last three races – I am a big fan of that particular initiative although IKR has yet to really touch the junior classes in the south west, but the Parent’s Race was definitely an eye catcher particularly since I’d been looking to arrange another TKM Parent’s Day in any case. So I’ve mustered up a few of the Clay dads and a mum/bandit (who has raced this season) for our own, one-off IKR class to include practice, three heats and a final (and all for £40). It being IKR, we get to write the rules so, to mix the grid up a little, we’ll be running MSA-style heats (where the grid order is drawn randomly and you’ll start on the various rows over the three heats) and accumulating points ahead of a more traditional final. It should be great fun – I know that I’ve a few tenths to find on at least one parent, based on our times at our first TKM Dad’s Day Out but I’ll also be competing against two others who have current or past race experience :S I really cannot wait! I’ll also be taking the opportunity to test Junior’s engines back-to-back (weather permitting) so I can see for myself if there is any difference (since he cannot). Of course, the race engine will be going back in it’s box for the final! 😉

Feel free to join us 😀

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