Spending raceday at home?!?

It was a bit of an odd day today; I had some things to do on the kart in preparation for the October round at Llandow next weekend and obviously the F1 was also on but there was a definite feeling that we should have been somewhere else today. Twelve months on from our first race weekend and this was the first time we hadn’t raced at Clay. I had still spent the night before changing tyres (although this time I was actually doing it the week before, rather than the normal night before a race weekend!) and today I was just attending to some bits and pieces on the kart: the carbon fibre floor tray is back on (we are now overweight for the gold restrictor) and I replaced the hub and steering column bearings (the former had been mentioned by the scrutineer last time). Junior was on his computer but I noticed he had the live timing on next to him for the entire day – if I had taken him down to watch, he’d have gotten bored in minutes but he could watch some statistics changing every 15 seconds or so?!?

It seems we missed quite an eventful day with things getting tense championship-wise as we approach the end of the season but we’re looking forward to next weekend and we hope to continue to find another tenth or two in our bid to keep up with the front runners.

And I’ve just noticed that I need to catch up on my costs for Year 2!!!


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