All set for the Celtic!

December should be our (my) month off. Instead we’re doing back-to-back race weekends! First up is Llandow Kart Club’s Celtic Challenge. I wasn’t really planning on competing at this but, given the amount of time I was spending promoting it on Facebook, it seemed rude no to! It has really gathered some good momentum amongst members of the TKM Owners group, helped I am sure by the recent confirmation of Llandow’s place once again on the Super One Series itinerary as well as the half-priced offer for members who bring a guest. Having paired up so many people, I really hope the members have sent in the email messages to the Competition Secretary otherwise I could come under fire! The grid looks set to be a season’s best for JTKM and should be ultra-competitive so I’m really looking forward to it as well as meeting a few dads that I’ve not seen since the Festival and a few of my old Clay friends.

I spent a good deal of time last weekend checking over my carbs. We’d had a miserable time at the final championship round that started because we had multiple carb problems. I’d not been very speedy in getting our best carbs re-kitted and, consequently, we were down to one trusted carb. I kitted a few myself and, for one that needs a new thread and the couple that were proving tricky to get popped off at the right pressure, I employed the services of Sam Jenkins of SJ Motorsport. Having cleaned and kitted my last batch, he’s my carb man. We’ll spend Saturday testing them to make sure that Junior is happy with each one and, hopefully, we’ll back back onto our preferred 820 come Sunday and, with a bit of luck, closer to our summer pace rather than our autumn form.

Costs since last post: Rear sprocket £6, new chain £20, new spark plug £9, new stub axle bolts £8, fuel filters £6. Carb kits & repairs £30

Total spent this year: £4,934

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