Wot no karting Christmas?!?

Well… not exactly! The kart remains untouched since Clay IKR; I remove the fuel, engine, chain after the finals so that they are properly stored, allowing me to clean the chassis at my leisure (instead of when I get home). This means that my leisure time is mostly kart-free right now. Our annual trip to Teamsport Bristol needed a little attention for the group draws (how does 45 drivers and A, B, C and D finals sound?) and I just spent a couple of hours Photoshop’ing the TKM Owners Group‘s Facebook cover photo (not a bad job, if I say so myself):

It's a TKM Christmas!

It’s a TKM Christmas!

Junior’s last three years of Christmas presents (and birthday presents for that matter) have all been kart-related: the kart in 2012, the race engine in 2013 and his (now fairly snug-fitting) racesuit in 2014. We only really need two things now: a new chassis and an awning, neither or which we currently have the funds for (that and the fact that a recent Viper is as rare as rocking horse sh*t these days – I think might have shot myself in the foot a little there in promoting TKM!). On the plus side, it’s allowed me to get back to buying Junior surprise presents, which I’ve missed recently and at which I’m pretty damn good at (better than I am at being a race mechanic, certainly!) :/ I’m sure there will be a little karting treat in there somewhere too 😉

So that might be it for 2015. Have a great Christmas and I’ll let you know how I get on with kicking Junior’s ass at Christmas Karting!

Spent since last post: Nowt 😀

Total spent this year: £5,117 😮


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