Today we should have been enjoying a day at the track, amongst friends, in the sunshine. Instead I was freezing my tits off in the rain/sleet/snow/sunshine (delete as applicable depending upon which part of the day your are talking about) at Whipsnade Zoo having agreed to take the female side of the family some months earlier. And here I was thinking it was Spring; I’ve never spent so much time inside a butterfly house! When the sun did finally come, it was actually very nice! Here is the only picture of elephants you’ll ever seen in a karting blog…

Never seen a bunch of elephants taken for a walk through the zoo before!

Never seen a bunch of elephants taken for a walk through the zoo before!

With this being the only round that the Super One drivers can make (the S1 schedule doesn’t seem to have been that kind to the club), the entry numbers for Junior TKM *and* Extreme are bigger than I’ve ever seen them at Llandow. Tomorrow should see some great racing and it would be good if we were going full of confidence but we already know that it is unlikely we’ll be able to mount much of a challenge: it’s used tyres month 🙁 In fact, we aren’t even on last month’s tyres which, although they didn’t contest the final, suffered a lot of wear. We have some tyres that did a couple of heats at Llandow in December and then a few sessions at PFI that look much healthier; we’ll just have to make the most of them. I can’t and won’t buy new tyres every month.

I know that there are tracks where tyres do last but I’m still pointing the finger at the softer Maxxis tyre that Tal-Ko introduced in response to driver demand back in 2012. Hmmmm…. I wonder how many of those drivers are now racing in X30!?! Obviously chosing Llandow for a home track doesn’t help matters: it is easily the most abrasive track we’ve raced at but it is what it is and we’ll just have to make the most of it. We’ll consider tomorrow our attempt to hide our S1 pace. Or something 😉

Fingers crossed 😀

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