Enjoying the break

It’s fair to say that I think about karting *a lot*. I don’t think that I’m unique in that respect; the sport is pretty adictive even for those of us who don’t actually get to sit in the seat but I’ve spent very little time on karting activities since cleaning up after our March race weekend. I’ve stopped fuming about our DNF in the final but, with the April round fast approaching and the promise of a bunch of Super One visitors, it’s time to get my head into gear!

It’s still early days as far as entries are concerned but I’m quite excited by some of the drivers that will be visiting. The club will host an Extreme grid for the first time since the Celtic Challenge in December and we should see double-digit entries for both TKM classes. If the club’s Junior graduates from last year all enter, the Extreme class should be a cracking contest šŸ™‚

As for us, I’ve been wanting to give the brakes some TLC so that has been my focus this week. I’d really like to be able replace the brake disc, certainly before Super One, as Junior hasn’t been completely happy with the brake system for while now and it’s one of the few things that remain from our original retirement package purchase that we made a little over three years ago. I’m not sure when that will happen though; we also need to get some new wet tyres but I’m hoping that the forecast is good to us and I can defer that purchaseĀ  until June (when we would have to buy them for Super One regardless).

With the prospect of almost all of my bestest chums racing at the same track for the first time since the TKM Festival, the last thing I really wanted was to be reminded that I’d promised to drive the female side of the family to London on what turns out to be the practice Saturday but stuff(?) happens as they say. It will save me a few ponies if nothing else!

See you at Llandow on the 17th?

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