Farewell, Trusty Steed

With a newer chassis in the garage and on the back of a dire weekend, the five evenings following the Clay race weekend were spent stripping the old chassis (the one sold to me as a 2009 EVR that turned out to be a 2008 EVXX). It was the first time I had fully stripped the chassis so it took a bit longer than I had planned. I had some changes planned for the new build – Junior’s XS sized OTK seat was a bit too ‘XS’ and I had purchased a brand new MS sized Tillett T11 from the UK Karting Market Place. In addition, I decided to replace the carbon fibre and Kevlar floor tray that the kart’s former owners had very impressively crafted with the standard EVXX floor tray – we had no need to save weight and, in using the floor tray instead of adding another kilo of lead, I figured the weight was better placed . Finally, I had borrowed and OTK steering wheel to test against the C-K-R wheel – when watching Junior at Clay, he had been a lot more twitchy on the wheel than his peers and I wondered if the smaller wheel was preventing him from making the finer adjustments necessary in the fast corners.

We were under a bit of pressure time-wise as I had been tempted into taking the kart to the practice session at the Llandow (I still continue to type this ‘Lladnow’!) Kart Club practice day but we made it. And I wasn’t even changing tyres at 11:30pm on the Friday evening!

Out with the old...

Out with the old…


In with the not-quite-so-old!!!

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