MSA Bambino… when there isn’t enough daylight hours to finish the proper stuff!

When I watch the cadets racing, I really wish that we had discovered the sport sooner. We stumbled into karting purely by chance: having always looked for something different for Junior to do each birthday, karting was a natural progression from the quad biking party that Junior had when he was ten. He really enjoyed it and we soon started attending the half-term events at TeamSport. As soon as Junior was big enough for an adult kart (his friends had already moved up and he’d been trying to prove to the staff that he really was big enough for some time) we realised that he could drive with adults (i.e. me) and we began a monthly visit to Avonmouth for Sunday evening ‘Unlimited Karting’ (it used to be much more ‘unlimited’ than it is now!). One year on, Junior was up there among the faster drivers and I started looking for something that bit quicker and found that Clay Pigeon Kart Club hosted ‘open days’ where you could get some taster sessions in the club Tal-Ko kart. I had absolutely no intention of purchasing a kart – this was just about getting him a free go in a fast kart. Three months later I was clearing space in my garage

Getting back to topic, cadet racing is fantastic to watch. Ok, they are prone to the odd red flag (particularly at Clay) but, by and large, it’s good, close racing. I wish we had known about it – it’s the perfect introduction to junior karting. Which brings us to Bambino karting, something I had only ever seen at indoor karting venues (when I thought it was cute) until Llandow started hosting a class a couple of months back (when the bonus races stopped!). Obviously it is all about revenue – for the club (where it is much needed), the MSA (PG licenses – need I say more?) and the manufacturers but, for me, it just doesn’t belong on the MSA scene. A couple of infant school aged children driving around in their own time is just a waste of valuable track time, especially in the winter months. It’s a great introduction to cadets I am sure but the younger kids karting should remain within the confines of the arrive and drive tracks and their Sunday morning kart clubs. MSA karting should begin at eight years old.

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  1. First, let me start by congratulating you on this site — really informative and so many things I can relate to!

    Only yesterday I paid my entry fee for my Son to enter the MSA Bambino Championship. He’s just turned 6.5 and has been karting since August.

    One of the reasons I entered him is that finding tracktime for bambino is challenging. Most indoor tracks don’t take them until 8 and the outdoor tracks that are anywhere near me meet infrequently. We got lucky and have a small indoor track locally which allows 6+ but only with other bambino drivers or immediate family on with them (i.e. me!). I know that they are not allowed to race in bambino, but ultimately they all bunch up on the track and race craft comes into it … something they don’t get on an indoor track running by themselves.

    We’ve seen my son progress quickly – at Whilton Mill he’s made the “Gold Group” and he’s now stuck there until his 8th Birthday. Indoors, he has done time-trials but they only happen once every 2-months and with 2 karts on track at the same time.

    Now that the MSA have said kids can compete until 31st December in the year they turn 8, this has made a big difference to my son as he is a July birthday. It means he can do 2 full seasons of Bambino in 2015 and 2016. I suspect next year, we’ll get him a cadet kart also so he can ‘make the leap’.

    So why MSA? Well, firstly there aren’t that many MSA titles to win and so my son gets a crack at winning one! Okay – slim chance, but a chance nevertheless.

    Secondly, they have tried to curbed costs. Only one engine choice, a few chassis, controlled tyres which you only need 2 sets (plus practice tyres) all season.

    This is going to be a baptism of fire for both of us, I have no doubt. But as long as we’re both enjoying it then happy days. I’ve just seen a spark in him – karting has got him like nothing else and I think for that reason alone, I’m prepared to bankrupt myself 🙂

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