You know you’ve made it when…

We're famous! Or is that infamous!?!

We’re famous! Or is that infamous!?!

So I was sat on the sofa on Saturday afternoon, having a tea break midway through getting Junior’s kart sorted for Clay this weekend and browsing the forums (as you do), when I got tagged in Facebook comment by one of my friends. It wasn’t immediately obvious what was going on: there was a photo of our old chassis in my garage that I had posted on the blog shortly before I gave the friend the chassis to use for his dyno testing. I had just replaced it with our ‘newer’ chassis and, as it was an old (2008) chassis showing signs of another crack, I was happy just to avoid keeping it in some form of service and not chucking it in the skip!

Then the penny dropped: the blog had been shared by The Kart Bandit!!! In case, you aren’t on Facebook and don’t read Karting Magazine(I really don’t need to explain this do I?), The Kart Bandit is famous for crash pics and memes (I had to look up what that meant initially!) and generally entertains the karting community. It’s followed by all the kids and most of the dads so my Facebook notifications went through the roof for a couple of hours!

I’m not sure what people make of the blog really and I’ve always been amazed when I meet strangers who comment on it. It was originally intended to help noobs but has really become more of a diary, a record of my karting accounts and some of my more printable ramblings. Of course, I’ve always tried to make it entertaining and having endured more than our fair share of mishaps hasn’t harmed in this respect – I think it resonates with people since we’ve all come through the noob phase. My concern is that I should be moving on from this phase at some point, right?!?

This is what happens to your web traffic when you get a mention by The Kart Bandit!

This is what happens to your web traffic when you get a mention by The Kart Bandit!