More marshalling!

Junior wants to pursue a career in motorsports engineering and decided a few months back that he would try his hand at marshalling as a means of getting a bit more experience in the industry. Of course, tracks are very keen for volunteers especially if they help lower the average age a little 😉 In this case though it would have been better if Junior had been that tiny bit older as, since he was under-18, his parent or guardian would have to be on site for the whole day!?! Getting up at 6:45am on a non-karting Sunday wasn’t quite what I had in mind for the Bank Holiday weekend and the prospect of killing 10 hours at Castle Combe wasn’t exactly mouth-watering, Holy Trinity or not!

Is it ok if I just leave my car here?

Is it ok if I just leave my car here?

Fortunately, the Marshal Secretary offered me the chance to tag along with Junior on his taster day. On the one hand, I didn’t want to be seen to be cramping Junior’s style, so to speak, but it was a much more tempting proposition than just wandering around the site for a day!

I guess that I’d never really thought about it but race meeting really is just a big kart meeting: from signing-on to scrutineering and driver’s briefing. The naughty boys were in the Clerk’s Office and they even had their AMB transponders (no Alpha Timing though). We suffered a bit from not having taken any orange bibs (much to Junior’s chagrin since he had wanted to take some but I’d insisted they’d be provided if necessary) but we still got to grid cars, wave flags and hold up safety car and last lap boards and spend plenty of time talking to the other marshals and officials. The racing was obviously much more varied than a kart meeting. Junior is definitely up for the next one. I’m inclined to join him, even if only until he reaches 18 and I can spend my Sunday morning lying in like the next man! 🙂

Look: There's a lad in a Tony T-shirt holding up a saftey car board!

Look: There’s a lad in a Tony T-shirt holding up a safety car board!