The great garage/unwanted toy/crash helmet clear out

In a bid to recoup some of the not-budgeted cost of the Bell KC3 and to clear some space in a now very crowded garage, I’ve been having a bit of a clear out. Gone are the petrol hedge trimmer that I hated using because of the fumes (ironic, huh?) and the kids bikes that have sat unused for three or four years. That’s £50 back. Going are a couple of fantastic items on eBay 😉

Firstly, a mightily impressive Traxxas E Revo 1/10 Monster Truck that has sat on top of my son’s cupboard for over a year. Pleasingly that soared to £170 in the first three days and has over 50 watchers. Unfortunately, with every desirable item you get any number of people enquiring as to whether or not you have a Buy It Now price in mind – I have sold a lot of desirable stuff on eBay and only once have I turned down an offer and not made at least as much by letting the auction run. I added a comment stating I’d let the auction run but that hasn’t deterred the bargain hunters…

Secondly, I have listed my son’s first crash helmet – a Nolan N62 Melandri Replica. I searched high and low for a decent, not bland, extra small sized lid that my son would really love and found it in this Melandri replica. Everything about is cool – the colour, the number, the skeleton teeth… 🙂 Anyway, my son is not happy about it as he prefers this to the plain white Bell but it needs to be done. Currently going for £9.52; it’s always interesting to see the random amounts people bid – is it that they think a little extra over the exact pound or 50p will seal the deal?

Total funds raised for the cause: £229.52 (guaranteed)