A proper TKM Extreme grid at Llandow?!?

With all of the excitement of the weekend, I negated to comment on how great it was to see a sizable TKM Extreme grid at Llandow. I’d not seen one before in my time at the club, not even when Super One came to visit! The TKM Southern Championships have proved a great success for drivers (I’m not certain that CPKC would agree given that it is pretty much their entire grid that has gone on tour) and it was great to catch up with my chums from TKM Corner (the area of the Clay Pigeon paddock renowned for hosting the junior and senior TKM drivers). Extreme has always been a great spectacle and so it proved again.

With Junior likely to move up to Extreme at the end of this year, hopefully we can generate sufficient interest to form a permanent grid at Llandow for 2016.