On the back foot already?

It was supposed to be fairly straightforward: a lunchtime trip to see JC at Revolution and get the head volumes checked on both motors (to ensure there would be no surprises if did well enough to get scrutineered at the weekend). The practice motor was borderline and needed a thorough cleaning to get the head volume to a safe reading. The race motor was fine as far as the head volume was concerned but there was no longer any end play in the crank shaft. We opened up the crank halves; the pin had moved a fraction and the bearings weren’t spinning very freely at all. It wasn’t the news I really wanted to hear this close to the weekend. The race motor has been sat around since the last club round: I had had the head and barrel off for a visual inspection post-race but not noticed the lack of end play. Another learning for next time…

Fortunately, JC was able to sort everything out for me today and I collected the engines from him this evening but, with this and the weather, I’m a little behind where I would like to be if we are setting off for the track on Friday. Tomorrow evening will be a busy one :/

Engine repairs

Following our Dunkeswell woes, I took the engine into John at Revolution Racing Engines to have the ignition stator checked out. The good news was that the stator looked fine and sparked consistently. The bad news was that the stator looked fine and sparked consistently! John is going to give a thorough examination but I could find we’ll be heading into the unknown at the next Clay race meeting. Could do with a practice session before I enter but money (especially karting money) is pretty tight. Our crank is also out of alignment and that will necessitate the engine to be stripped down.

I await news. And the bill… :/